Andy Hooper, Chief People Officer

“Miami Vice” has one of the hardest jobs in the Cafe Rio system, Human Resources; it’s like a psychiatrist without having the ability to prescribe meds. We’re not sure what the appeal is there, but Andy loves it, and as our Chief People Office, excels at it. He leads a high performance team of HR and Training experts who partner with Operations leadership to ensure Cafe Rio has the best pipeline of talent to meet the performance and growth objectives of the business. That’s Corporate garble for he makes sure everything runs smoothly with personnel, every day. Putting out fires, training new staff members, putting out fires…yeah, that.

We stole Andy from Burger King where he had refined his skills for ten plus years, leading the charge on their company’s cultural transformation efforts, serving as a “Master Coach” to dozens of leaders across North America and around the world. He’s the bombdiggity, and did we mention that Andy is also very involved in Women of Tomorrow? A mentorship and scholarship program focused on helping at-risk young women live up to their full potential. Yeah, he’s ours, and you can’t have him back.

Andy graduated with his B.B.A. from the University of Miami. Go Canes! He and his wife, Emily, split time between Miami Beach and Park City, and in their free time, enjoy traveling, skiing, scuba diving, and continuing their quest to visit new corners of the world! Andy loves Yolanda’s Pork Tamales, Extra Hot Sauce and a Side of Creamy Tomatillo Dressing. He’d eat them every day if it wasn’t for the fact they’re only available on Thursday’s.

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