Ben Craner, Chief Marketing Officer

Ben, Ben, Ben, the Chief Marketing Officer. What can we say about Ben that hasn’t already been said? Sure we can tell you about his brilliance as an illustrator, how he continues to refine his skills by testing out new tattoos on his kids legs as they watch TV. We can tell you about his genius campaign ideas. We can tell you that his brain is perpetual motion, never stopping or slowing down, that in a brainstorming meeting his synapses are firing so quickly that he continually breaks the sound barrier. We can tell you that he’s hiked through the Himalaya’s and meditated with Buddhist monks in Nepal for no reason other than his cool factor. We could drop names like Intel, Kodak, Microsoft, ILM, Pixar Studios and Warner Brothers. We could tell you that he’d be a part of Mensa, if only he’d take the test.

See that, another brilliant, crazy smart Cafe Rio Executive guy, with oodles of marketing experience. When Ben isn’t coming up with genius Marketing initiatives, he’s mountain biking or hanging out with his wife and three kids.

What does the crazy, creative like at Cafe Rio? Coconut Shrimp Tacos with Black Beans, please. It’s a Tuesday Daily Special.

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