WARNING: The following items are required for you to become a local town hero, admired by hundreds, adored by thousands.  The photo shoots and paparazzi all start here, amigo. Are you ready?

You'll be expected to:

1.    Squeeze limes between your forearm and bicep
2.    Able and willing to smile at a moment’s notice
3.    Cut onions without crying
4.    Know the difference between a tomato and tomatillo
5.    Throw a tortilla 15’ feet
6.    Lead teammates fearlessly through hordes of hungry, screaming, raving fans
7.    Able to pour creamy tomatillo dressing into a container without spilling a drop of that liquid gold
8.    Look amazing in a hair net and black baseball hat
9.    Encourage your team like a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader
10.    Treat each customer like they just won the lottery

Happiness and a solid career filled with future and fame starts HERE.