What’s more awesome than a Chihuahua named Toby driving a car in Spokane, WA? Well, nothing really because that’s pretty freakin awesome, and tough to top, but a close second would be Cafe Rio opening its doors in Spokane! Yes, it’s true. Cafe Rio is in Spokane Washington at 13920 E. Indiana Ave.

It’s true Spokane has it going on, the second largest city in Washington is nothing to shake a stick at, what with the River Park Square Mall, the Spokane Arena, and Toby. Who is Toby? Only the worlds coolest Chihuahua! This little mighty might went for a drive yesterday, and we’re pretty sure he was on his way to Cafe Rio to pick up some mouth-watering sweet pork barbacoa tacos, and who could blame him? Dogs have an incredible sense of smell, and Toby took one whiff and knew what he had to have.

Unfortunately it turns out, our small friend wasn’t a very good driver. It’s a long ways from the steering wheel to the brake, and before he could get down there, he rear-ended another car. Can you imagine that call to the insurance company? “Um, yes I was sitting at the light minding my own business when I was hit by a car driven by a Chihuahua…..” But we digress, we’ve realized we need Toby. We aspire to be Toby. He’s our kind of brand ambassador. He knows what he wants, he’s knows how to get it and he’s not going to let anyone stand in his way. His independence, ambition and drive are pretty inspiring.

In fact, those are the same attributes that beat in the heart of every Cafe Rio employee. We’ve got the independence, ambition and drive to turn our backs on what those other Mexican fast-food restaurants call food. We offer fresh Mexican food, hand-made from scratch from authentic recipes every single day. We deliver superior customer service along with the most mouth-watering Mexican cuisine you’ll ever enjoy. And we’re driven to get better every day, to give every customer the perfect experience.

Toby seized an opportunity, just like you should seize the opportunity to come check out our new location in Spokane. We’ve been open a few weeks now, and we’ve had nearly as much popularity and fan fare as Toby has, so what are you waiting for? Get down here, and we’re pretty sure Toby can give you a ride if you need one.