Cafe Rio Mexican Grill has taken it to the next level, with the opening of their new state of the art culinary training facility located in the heart of Salt Lake City, UT.: The Cafe Rio Advanced Food Training Institute, or C.R.A.F.T .for short. 

Here, select Cafe Rio culinary team members put their skills to the test as they compete against one another, refining their cooking skills and fine-tuning the art and science that defines the fresh, made-from scratch flavors of Cafe Rio Mexican cuisine.


The end goal: To make the cut, and become Masterpiece Certified. 

The Masterpiece Certification program is an intense boot-camp-type experience, and the heart of C.R.A.F.T . 

Participants in the program learn about the history and culture of Cafe Rio, and the many subtle nuances that set us apart from other Mexican Restaurants.  In order to ensure that our restaurant managers, assistant managers and head cooks meet and exceed Café Rio standards, they're required to pass exams on food specifications, flavor profiles, storage and food safety standards, just to name a few. 


What's the correct firmness of an avocado? What's the right color and texture of a tomatillo, and should it be sweet or tart? Do you add ingredients with the flame on or off? Can you discern the quality cues of the perfect sauce, from the tenderness of the onions and peppers to the thickness of the sauce, to the depth of its color? Should you be able to taste the heat at the back of your throat? And when you taste the sauce, do you understand the complexity and flavor profile you’ve just built? 

Our chefs face and have to answer these questions and more to pass--and it isn't easy. Even after three days and 36 hours of intense courses, not everyone will.

“Every Meal a Masterpiece” is not just a slogan; it's our belief in how things must be done.

  •        Pride
  •        Passion
  •        Excellence
  •        Every meal
  •        Every restaurant

That’s the Cafe Rio way.


Do think you know your stuff? Are you ready to prove your culinary skills and join the Cafe Rio team? Then check out our careers page at