Since we've opened up a new restaurant in Lakewood, Colorado, we've heard some talk about a new law that's gone into effect. And inevitably, it's brought along a rumor of a phenomenon called the “munchies,” which appear to be a side effect of checking out that new law.

Apparently we’ve got something researchers call “endocannabinoid receptor systems” in our brains and bodies. These are the guys who study the tremendous medical benefits of medical marijuana for serious health issues, so you know they’ve got a handle on the science.

It turns out that marijuana creates another fancy word called etrahydrocannabinol (THC) that bind with endocannabinoid receptor sites—which affects all kinds of things about your mood, but also (and this is the important one) the specific areas in your brain that regulate appetite and hunger. Thus, the overwhelming craving for something fresh, something delicious, something like, we don’t know, cheesy grilled chicken nachos? A hot pork barbacoa quesadilla and a tall to-go cup of horchata? Something like that.

What we do know is that with our new location at 14600 W. Colfax Ave., Lakewood, CO 80401, we can hook you up with some fresh Mexican, which has always been legal.