Captain Capsaicin to the Rescue, or How Hot Sauce Can Cure Your Cold

You’re cold. Jack Frost is more than nipping at your nose, he’s down right covering you in a Polar Vortex blanket with 5’ of snow filling. You’re freezing. Your nose is running, your head is cloudy with congestion and all you really want is heat.

Enter Hot Sauce.

Hot sauce packs a delicious punch to whatever it touches, but that’s not all it does. It heats you from the inside out. Warms your toes, puts color in your cheeks. Clears your sinuses. Makes your taste buds tingle and your eyes water. It has so many superpowers we’re creating our own comic book hero and calling him Captain Capsaicin!

Captain Capsaicin, cloaked in red, and sporting seeds, is the ingredient found in different types of hot peppers, such as cayenne or chili. This little powerhouse makes the peppers spicy hot. It has so many benefits; it should be its own food group or in the very least a member of The Avengers.

You want to be skinny? Done.

Headache? Say no more.

Feeling blue? Thing of the past.

Sinus pressure? Forget ‘bout it.

Backed up in the colon area? Umm, yeah TMI.

Cafe Rio knows where it’s at and has tapped this little superman to make our food awesomer, if that’s even possible. Now when you eat an enchilada style burrito with our red hot sauce infused with Captain Capsaicin essence, you will be increasing your metabolism, while healing any pain you may have. Your digestive system will be kicking it into high gear increasing fluids in your stomach, and let’s not forget the sinus pressure and depression you’ve had because of Jack Frost’s awful tricks, it will subside in no time and you’ll feel like a new person. In fact you’ll feel like a million bucks and want to conquer the world!

Captain Capsaicin to the rescue!

So the next time you’re feeling fat, depressed, have a headache, are backed up or are suffering a cold, think Cafe Rio and some Captain Capsaicin infused hot sauce!