We have a feeling you’re going to be working up an appetite after this Saturday. Spring has officially done its sprung thing, and it’s time to garden. And the city of Lakewood, Colorado wants to help—is it any wonder we opened up a new restaurant in this town? They’ve got fresh vegetables! And they come from the free mulch that the City of Lakewood is giving away on Saturday morning, from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Go hit the Lakewood Greenhouse (you don’t have to really get up at 7, but you should probably get there early), and get yourself a sack of the good garden stuff. The stuff that’ll fertile up your soil and make your cilantro grow huge and your tomatoes grow even bigger. You can get yourself some fine mulch or some coarse mulch, and you can even tap forestry staff to help you load up your car. Grab as much of the mulchy stuff as you need.

And since you're going to spend the week tilling and mulching, you’re going to be hungry, you know. You might even be starving. And you’ll definitely be thinking about fresh ingredients, fresh food prepared while you wait, fresh everything, and all of it delicious. It'll be waiting for you at our Lakewood location before the end of the week (May 15!) And you'll have earned it, our agricultural amigo.

For more information about the mulch, give the Urban Parks Division a call at 720-963-5240. For more information about always fresh, hand-pressed guacamole, just-rolled tortillas and sweet pork barbacoa? Come see us at 14600 W. Colfax Ave., Lakewood, CO 80401 on May 15.