We get it. You love it. Melty, tender, oh-so luscious. It’s the slightly sweet, slightly spicy, utterly unforgettable sweet pork barbacoa from Café Rio Mexican Grill. We guess you could call it our signature dish. Our crowning achievement. Our recipe royale! We could go on and on (and believe us, we have). 

Our restaurants are filled with the smell of it simmering for hours and hours in the signature blend of secret spices that we’ve developed and perfected. Our tables are filled with fans chowing down on the saucy deliciousness that you can’t find anywhere else.

And that’s kind of the point: you’ll never find it anywhere else. You can travel far and wide, along the entire length of the equator. You can trek the mountains and forge the seas. You can try to bribe wise old abuelas with wooden spoons and decades of top-secret family restaurants. You can spend hours—days—weeks! In your kitchen trying to perfect your very own recipe for sweet pork barbacoa. We’ve seen your blog posts! But are very sorry to tell you that you’ll never crack the code.

We didn’t mean to drive you crazy—we just want to offer our guests the most savory pork picnic roast simmered in the most perfect of sauces. And we’d love to reveal the secret ingredient, really we would. But the best-kept secrets are the tastiest ones. So why don’t you turn off the oven (you’re just driving yourself crazy), come on down to Café Rio, and let us treat you right with tomatillo dressing. Cilantro - lime rice. And the sweet pork barbacoa that makes your mouth sing ole.