Cows…its 4:20, and they’re high and peaceful on a mountain top, enjoying their delicious grass, and we love them. 

Lots of very special happy little cows in live in a tiny village high in a mountainous area of Mexico. And every rainy season they spend blissful days chomping their way through rich, aromatic mountain grass that only grows during those short months. And these peace-loving cows produce what can lovingly be referred to as “the Parmesan of Mexico,” Cojita cheese.

This delicious mountain cheese is salty, crumbly, incredibly tasty and is used in all the best Mexican recipes, salads, soups, taco, tostados, just to name a few. Made in a tiny town, Cojita Mexico, this versatile cheese, beloved for its tangy zip, rich flavor, and unique texture, is also highly nutritious. Filled with protein and calcium, this cheese doesn’t just enhance the flavor of any meal, it’s good for you too!

So throw an extra serving on that burrito! The more you eat, the stronger your bones get and the more those happy little cows get to eat. It’s a win-win situation.