Sugar and Spice and Everything Rice: The Horchata Experience

There are a lot of great things about horchata, the rice, the cinnamon, the 24 hour process it takes to make it, the fact it should be its own food group, more like a Mexican dessert than a traditional Spanish drink. One of the best things though is that no knows for sure where it came from or how it got its name, so we’re totally going to make up whatever we want.

When Hunger Strikes: Taming the Texas Chupacabra

It’s obvious what this beast wants, and we know how to put a stop to this vampiric behavior: a mountain of fire-grilled chicken burritos, enchilada style. Just call us “The Chupacabra whisperers.”

The Art of the Perfect Burrito

Some see art in a selfie, some in deep drum and bass beats. We see it in rice, beans and handmade flour tortillas. 

Better than a Driving Chihuahua: Cafe Rio Opens in Spokane!

What’s more awesome than a Chihuahua named Toby driving a car in Spokane, WA? Well, nothing really because that’s pretty freakin awesome, and tough to top, but a close second would be Cafe Rio opening its doors in Spokane! Yes, it’s true. Cafe Rio is in Spokane Washington at 13920 E. Indiana Ave.



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