Why Your Heart Loves Mexican Restaurant Food

We’re guessing that at some point or another you’ve heard that you should take an aspirin a day to keep your heart health okay. Or, you know, words to that effect. But hey, do you know what’s a lot more fun than aspirin?

We Won?!

You like us! You really, really like us!

Visiting Your Favorite Mexican Restaurant Can Improve Your Love Life

Our Mint Limeade is what happens when you combine fresh-squeezed limes and hand-pressed mint into a sugar-laden vessel of happiness. It's the perfect refreshing Mexican restaurant summer drink that will send your senses soaring, and make you hope the season never ends.

Are You Ready?

WARNING: The following items are required for you to become a local town hero, admired by hundreds, adored by thousands.  The photo shoots and paparazzi all start here, amigo. Are you ready?





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