It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


No, it’s not December.


It’s March. And yes, it’s the single greatest time of the year.


The weather starts to get warm, the birds sing, the flowers bloom…


The smell of pigskin is in the air…Wait, what?


That’s right Amigos, we're talking that little three week span where Cinderella comes out in full glory and grown men cry. Where tiny little towns get put on the map, and strangers become friends. There’s spontaneous hugging and kissing your neighbor. And the lives of five men can hang on the balance of the rim…

It’s March Madness baby! And it is, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! There are David and Goliath stories, underdogs play the spoiler and the productivity level of 98% of the Nation plummets the first two days of the tournament - you can thank Al Gore and the internet, because now you can watch the games live. It’s a beautiful thing.


So I’ve heard.


Because I would never watch basketball when I should be working.




It starts with 64 teams, ok really 68, but no one really watches the “play in” games, they’re dumb. Winners move on, losers pack their bags, until there’s one team standing. 20 point leads can be erased in a matter of seconds, and the last 2 minutes of a game can drag on for eternity. There are office pools a plenty, where Suzie in accounting who has never watched a game, can beat the pants of Steve, the “jock” in HR who watches every game and reads every statistic there is. Why? Because all rules are thrown out the window. In this three week span, anyone can beat anyone. And that’s what makes it great! Every underdog wants to be the spoiler. They’re playing for pride. For their parents. Their school. Themselves. It’s not about money. It’s about heart and soul and what you’re made of. And so often, the heart of the underdog is so much bigger than that of the favorite. And that Amigos, that is pure beauty.


So, if you haven’t given March Madness a chance you should. It’s addicting, and exciting and fun.


And you should do it with some really great Mexican food, just saying.