When you ordered Mexican catering for your next big bash, you thought you were just keeping your guests well-fed and happy--especially when you asked for lots of guacamole. But what you're actually doing is helping to improve the health of the friends and family (at least those who RSVPd).

Research shows that we can ditch the apples (which aren't much good for parties anyway). The new catch phrase ought to be, "an avocado a day can keep the doctor away."

Why should you keep eating (and serving up) our fresh-made guacamole as fast as we can hand-scoop the avocados? Because eating avocados regularly has been shown to just possibly improve the quality of your diet. People who eat avocados, nutritionists have found, are generally associated with an overall better-quality diet; higher levels of the "good" cholesterol; a lower risk of metabolic syndrome, which raises a person's risk for heart disease; and maybe best of all, a lower body weight, body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference.

Sure, the study doesn't prove that avocados are a miracle fruit, but the results are intriguing. Avocados associated with more positive health indicators? Sounds like a recipe for deliciousness to us--and an excuse to keep ordering extra guacamole. (As if you really needed an excuse.)