Everyone makes resolutions, and the majority of people break those same resolutions. It happens and who can blame you? Surely not us, in fact we’re here to help you. 

That’s right Amigo’s, you heard right, we’re here help. 
We think you’re amazing just the way you are. Period.
That no one can make you happy, only you can make you happy, well that’s not entirely true, we’re pretty sure we can make you happy too
You don’t have to quit chocolate or soda, but if you do, we have fresh fruit fresca’s to fill the void. That takes care of the sugar AND the drink side. So there you go, check that puppy off the list. 

Maybe keep the resolution about smoking though, cuz that black lung thing isn’t any fun, and we don’t really have a fix for that one.

Giving up red meat? No sweat, we totally have you covered in creamy tomatillo sauce with a side of black beans! Or rather, chicken, fish and veggie options.

Giving up carbs? No problem. Our tortillas are totally carb free. Ok, maybe not, but you don’t have to eat the whole tortilla. See that, we totally just cut your carb count in half! Booyah! We are so here for you.

More greens in your diet? Perfect. We have salads and tostada’s that will have you thinking your veggie train has arrived.

Need to exercise more? Done! Calisthenics in line while you wait. See how easy this all is? Resolutions are nothing!

How can you live without us? Truth is you can’t, and we can’t live without you either. We are a match made in Salsa Fresca Heaven. And your resolutions? Forgetta‘bout it. We so have your back. 

Who loves you? That’s right baby, we do!