Rice, cinnamon, soaked together in perfect harmony for 24 hours. Topped off with creamy milk. That’s horchata—Cafe Rio’s delicious and refreshing traditional drink. So good with your barbacoa pork quesadilla--but even better than you think. Our horchata packs a secret. 

Pull up your party pants and drop in a straw, amigo: cinnamon's got secret health benefits. And each cup of our horchata is packed full of enough cinnamon to make you healthier than Superman. Why? Studies are showing that cinnamon addicts have much healthier hearts, not to mention significantly lower blood sugar. How long can you live? Well, how much horchata can you drink?

Luminaries at the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition were the ones who first noticed this in clinical trials (pudding with cinnamon, instead of horchata, but no one is perfect). And it's definitely science, not magic--but researchers don't know exactly how it works. But it sounds like a large to-go cup on date night could make your blood flow faster than the Rio Grande.

So drink up! Feel your blood rev up and your heart pound. And just smile when your girlfriend asks you why you're feeling so frisky. You've got Cafe Rio on your side.