Stevia. Such a bold name. It’s regal sounding, don’t you think? A name that makes you take notice.  William and Kate should’ve had that as number one on their list of baby names. “Prince Stevia” has a ring to it, strong, and yet sweet. Like, 300 times sweeter than George.

Which brings us to our point: Stevia is sweet like sugar, but it’s not sugar. Stevia is an herb found in Paraguay, Bolivia and Brazil. A 100% natural sweetener, there’s nothing artificial about it. It’s not bad for you, it doesn’t increase blood sugar levels in the body, it has high levels of Vitamin A and C, zinc, magnesium, and iron. It’s 300 times sweeter than refined sugar, and it can be used just like white sugar!

All the taste and sweetness of sugar, without any of the unwanted side effects? Get out! That’s crazy talk! 

Actually, we don’t think it’s crazy, we think it’s amazing, and we’re totally using it to our advantage. 

Strawberries, lemons and Stevia…sounds like a match made in non-sugar coated heaven. Our Strawberry Lemonade, perfect on a hot, summer day, is made with Stevia, our new best friend. Just another way Cafe Rio is giving you the freshest, healthiest options out there. Try a glass or two and see how it makes you feel. We’re sure you’ll love it.