quesadilla vs. burrito

Mexican food is basically uniformly delicious, I think we can all agree. But some people play favorites. Some people think that burritos are actually better than quesadillas. Other people think quesadillas are the pinnacle of Mexican flavor, and that burritos are overrated.

Who's right? Let's take a look at the burrito and the quesadilla side by side, to determine once and for all who wins the Mexican Food Showdown.


The quesadilla is a simple proposition: a fresh tortilla loaded with cheese and meat, folded in half and then grilled until everything is melty, delicious, and perfect for stuffing in your mouth with wild abandon. It ought to be topped with salsa fresca, guacamole and sour cream in a perfect world, but essentially a quesadilla is simplicity at its best.

Your standard burrito is an epic foodstuff. It's all the best of Mexico wrapped into a single delicious bready-style shell. You've got your cilantro, rice, your beans, your salsa, your lettuce (if you're crazy like some people I know) and your various salsas, guacamoles, and sour creams and cheese. Plus, once you smother that sucker with more sauce and cheese, you have created for yourself a magnificent feast.

Winner on Ingredients? Burrito. Sometimes more is more.


When you bite into a quesadilla, you sink your teeth through even layers of delicious flavors, from the toppings of guac and salsa down through the crispy tortilla and cheesy, meaty filling. The flavor of a quesadilla is consistent from start to finish, providing you with the satisfaction of a meal well assembled.

A burrito, on the other hand, is a surprise in every bite. Your ingredients are all layered in there and wrapped up tight, but there is going to be some shifting, some rearranging, some surprises when you take a bite that's all rice, or a bite that's mainly beans, etc. It's a flavor adventure every time.

Winner on Flavor? Quesadilla. Reliability is underrated.


The quesadilla IS cheese, I think we can agree. It's basically a cheese delivery system on fried bread, with extra toppings to make it a little more dignified. But we know what's going on. Especially when we sometimes just go ahead and order the cheese quesadilla.

Burritos don't rely on their cheese for their taste sensation. The cheese in a burrito is simply a bright note in the symphony of burrito flavor, understanding it has a place in the melody but not taking over the entire score.

Winner on Cheese? Quesadilla. Because it’s mainly cheese, man.


A quesadilla is chopped up into triangles, and you'd think that would make it fairly pizza like, enhancing its portability and on-the-go-ness. But when you start adding the salsa, the sour cream, the guacamole? Things get messy fast.

Burritos were built for portability! First they're wrapped up tight like a present just for your mouth, and then they're wrapped in tin foil to maintain structural integrity. This means that a burrito can be handily carried into any situation, and consumed just about anywhere.

Winner on Portability? Burrito. Score one for on-the-go goodness.

Overall Satisfaction

And tallying up the final score: We have a tie! It turns out that the variety in your Mexican food menu isn't just good for sparking up arguments about which food stuff is superior; it encourages variety, caters to changing situations, and lets you make the right choice of meal, wherever you are and whatever you do.