Our Mint Limeade is what happens when you combine fresh-squeezed limes and hand-pressed mint into a sugar-laden vessel of happiness. It's the perfect refreshing Mexican restaurant summer drink that will send your senses soaring, and make you hope the season never ends.

But did you know that mint (scientifically known as Mentha--impress your friends!) has remarkable medicinal properties, too?

For instance: our burritos are delicious, but sometimes that is a whole lot of food. Pairing your barbacoa pork burrito with a Mint Limeade can help make you hungrier, plus help you digest all that deliciousness. It also soothes the stomach, which is great if you're on a date and feeling just a little bit nervous about the attractive person sitting across from you at one of our cafes.

And if the nervous butterflies start to flap out of control, the refreshing smell and flavor of mint can be a quick and sure-fire remedy. Smile widely and take a deep sip of your Mint Limeade, and they'll never know. It'll also help soothe your throat, so you don’t start nervously squeaking when you try to answer a question about your favorite movie.

Most important of all, though? Mint is a breath freshener. Technically, since it's a germicidal, it takes care of oral health by inhibiting harmful bacterial growth in your mouth, and cleaning your tongue and teeth. But don't bring that up to your date, because that's not very charming dinner conversation. Just sip your minty lemonade and know that when you lean in close to your chica or chico, you'll be confident that your breath is fresh and sweet.