What? We won?

You like us! You really, really like us!

Holy creamy tomatillo dressing…Really?

Wow…Just…..We mean…..Wow…..What can we say…

We  weren’t expecting this... It’s just such an incredible honor, especially coming from Zagat – Café Rio was selected as one of the best Mexican Restaurants in 20 cities across the U.S.? Rock On!

Wow. Just such an honor…..You’re making us all phklempt….

So, um….we hope we don’t forget anyone….

First, we’d like to thank our purchaser, because without her we wouldn’t have amazing produce to make such unbelievably delicious Mexican food... We’d like to thank our awesome IT guys, who keep us up and running especially during lunch rush… We’d like to thank Pam, who comes in to our Sahara Ave Mexcian grill location in Las Vegas, every day, to get her Pork Barbacoa Salad...And lastly we’d like to thank you, our rabid fans, who make doing what we do every day, the most rewarding job there is. You rock Amigos! You really, really do. ..Thank you.