We’re guessing that at some point or another you’ve heard that you should take an aspirin a day to keep your heart health okay. Or, you know, words to that effect. But hey, do you know what’s a lot more fun than aspirin? Besides most things, we mean. Personally—and it could be that we’re a tiny bit biased—we think Mexican restaurant food tops the list, because it does our hearts good to tuck into a hearty helping of pork barbacoa quesadillas with a heaping mound of salsa, or a straight-up chips-and-salsa snack.

But beyond the general heartwarming side effects of made-from-scratch Mexican food like mother used to make, did you know that the salsa’s got a secret? With every bite, each loaded with garden-fresh, hand-chopped tomato, you’re actually boosting your heart health too—in a really remarkable number of ways.

Lower cholesterol
You’re winning right out of the gate with zip-zero-nadda in cholesterol. But you’re also stacking up your odds since fresh tomatoes offer fiber, are proven to lower high cholesterol, and niacin too (a cholesterol-lowering vitamin). It’ll keep your blood pumping fast whichever way you slice it.

Reduced heart disease risk
Diets rich in potassium have been shown to lower blood pressure that’s high, plus reduce heart disease risk. Guess what round red seedy delicious vegetable (okay, fruit) has got a ton of it? The first two guesses don’t count. 

Tomatoes help lower blood pressure
If your blood pressure’s spiking because the game isn’t going your way, reach for another helping of salsa. In clinical research, tomatoes were clearly linked with a significant drop in blood pressure. And that will make your heart happy—even when you’re still mad about the final score. 

Your heart is important to us, so we’d like to help you keep it healthy. We’ll always provide heaping sides of our awesome salsa—but feel free to ask for more! A nice big scoop is just a heartbeat away.