New Year's Resolutions, Cafe Rio Style

Everyone makes resolutions, and the majority of people break those same resolutions. It happens and who can blame you? Surely not us, in fact we’re here to help you.

Bob Baker Runs

One would think that being the President and Chief Financial Officer of Cafe Rio, would be enough running around like a chicken with your head cut off for Bob Baker, but you’d be wrong. That doesn’t even scratch the surface of this man’s obsession with running. He runs everywhere. He’s Forest Gump without the box of chocolates. 50 marathons in 50 states, that’s his goal. Why? No idea, he might be a bit mental, but we let that slide because he’s a cool guy. Marathons, half marathons, Ragnar, the guy is a machine.

Missoulians... We're Here!

That's right Amigos, we pulled up our party pants and brought the fiesta to you. On Wednesday November 7th, we partied like rock stars with Mayor Engen, Councilman Hertz and hundreds of hungry folks, as we opened our newest location at 2230 N. Reserve Street, Missoula. If you weren’t there, you seriously missed out. Chips were flying, Horchata was flowing and hungry patrons ate until their bellies were brimming with burrito happiness. It was a day to remember. Thanks Missoula for making our opening so fantastic. We love Missoula!



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