Bob Baker, President/Chief Financial Officer

This crazy guy wants to be a member of the “50 State Club”, which is kind of like the Mile High Club, only the traveling you do here, is by foot, and not on a plane. He wants to run a Marathon in all 50 States. Yeah, we don’t understand it either, but whatever; it keeps him happy and healthy, and lets us spend more money on cool things, so we aren’t complaining. Bob is the President and CFO for Cafe Rio. With 20+ years of restaurant experience this Marathoner has greatly influenced the growth opportunities within the company. Bob was an instrumental aspect of YUM brands, having worked his way through Financial Planning, Operations, M&A Corporate Planning and Controller before we snagged him. Bob joined Cafe Rio as CFO in June of 2005, and he has been an instrumental factor in the successful growth and expansion that made Cafe Rio the highly profitable, multi-state restaurant operating company it is today. Boo-yah!

A proud Texas Christian University Horned Frog, Bob also holds an MBA from the University of Chicago. We’re keeping with the whole smart executive thing here. Bob and his family live in Salt Lake City, UT, where in his free time, we may have mentioned this, but he runs. And Salt Lake provides lots of hills. He’s like Forest Gump and just runs and runs and runs. The craziest thing about this is Bob runs for pure enjoyment. What? Running is fun? Who knew? The Marathoner’s favorite Cafe Rio meal is a Grilled Steak Enchilada with Hot Sauce and Pinto Beans.

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