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Made From Scratch

It’s everything we stand for & everything you sit down at our tables for.

The Highest Quality

It’s more than a declaration of deliciousness, it’s our promise.

Cafe Rio's numero uno: tortilla declaration

fril-script-left Every Darn Tortilla fril-script-right Hand-Rolled To Perfection

The first thing you see when you start your order at Cafe Rio is our tortilla makers rolling freshly made dough and placing it on the comal. An essential tool in traditional Mexican cuisine for over five hundred years, the comal is what gives our tortillas their rich, deep and nutty flavor. And no, we can’t make one for you as big as a blanket to snuggle in.

Cafe Rio's numero dos: sauce declaration

fril-script-left Signature Sauces fril-script-right Taste fresh because they’re made fresh, every day

We make our signature sauces, salsas, dressings and toppings fresh every morning, hand-slicing fresh chiles, vegetables and fruits and mixing them with a blend of secret spices. From mild to “I can’t feel my tongue” hot, we’ve got the fresh, flavorful kick for your favorite meal.

Cafe Rio's numero tres: veg and meat declaration

fril-script-left Veggies & Meats fril-script-right Farm To Table

Each day at Cafe Rio begins with a delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables, right from the farm. We hand-squeeze over a thousand limes, we hand-scoop over a thousand avocados. We cook or grill all of our proteins and meats on site, every day, and prepare all our sauces, salsas and desserts fresh daily.

Cafe Rio's numero quatro: drink bar declaration

fril-script-left Drink Bar fril-script-right World Famous Bebidas

We’re almost as famous for our housemade drinks as we are our freshmade food (almost). Try our delicious horchata or our fresh-squeezed mint limeade.

Cafe Rio's numero cinco: fresh declaration

fril-script-left No Freezers or Microwaves fril-script-right Why We Taste So Much Better

When your food is freshmade everyday, you simply don’t need ‘em. Freezers mean frozen, microwaves mean reheating. No way José.

Cafe Rio's numero seis: love declaration

fril-script-left Cafe Rio's fril-script-right Labor of Love

Serving fantastic, fresh food takes a lot of time and effort. But every early morning of slicing, dicing, squeezing and prepping by hand is totally worth it.

made from scratch manifesto

fril-script-left Served Fresh fril-script-right Right to Your Table

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