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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Decisions, decisions, decisions…we make them all day long, every day, some are fun and some aren’t so fun...

It’s gorgeous and 70 degrees outside, do I go to work or *cough, cough* call in sick?

Should we take a vacation to the beach or a ski resort?

Do we buy that super slick looking black convertible, or the more sensible SUV that everyone can fit into?

What do I want to drink with my delicious Cafe Rio Mexican Grill masterpiece?

There are so many drink choices your head can explode just thinking about it, and that amigo, is what we’re after.

Well, since we’re friends we actually want to keep your head intact, but it’s tough with so many drink choices. Do you choose the fountain drink with flavored syrups? Do you choose a freshly brewed tea? Or do you choose an amazing, thirst quenching, out of this world, taste sensation?

Amigo, hands down it’s the taste sensation. We’re talking about concoctions so amazing, so mouth watering, your taste buds sing at the very sight of them. Horchata. Southwest Limeade. Two authentic, amazingly delicious, tongue-tantalizing flavors. They’re so good, they’ll bring a tear to your eye and a smile to your face.

Horchata’s been referred to as the Nectar of the Gods, and with good reason. When you combine the perfect amount of rice, cinnamon and milk, give it some tender loving care for 24 hours, you are left with nothing short of a divine mixture of pure heaven. Something so pure and delicious, so sweet, so incredible, it will transport you to another realm.

Horchata. Hard to say, harder to make, and yet it’s a thing of beauty. A true Mexican tradition, passed down through the centuries. The origin of this creamy decadence is often debated. Did it originate in Egypt with the Pharaohs? Was it brought to Spain by the Arabs? Did the Spaniards bring it across the ocean? Or was it sent down from heaven itself? It’s not called the Nectar of the Gods for nothing, but we’ll let you decide.

So, milk, sugar and cinnamon, not really your thing? No sweat, amigo. We have you covered. How about tangy, sweet, fresh, and tantalizing? Just a few of the words used to describe our Southwest Limeade. Limes are loco—how can something so small pack such a punch? They’re so conflicted they can’t make a decision either.
“Are we sweet?  Are we tangy?  Are we mouthwatering? Oh yes, most definitely, we all of the above. Use my fleshy parts and make something amazing, Amigo,” they shout. “Mix my tangy pulp with Jamaica Hibiscus Flowers, let us make beautiful music together. Let us sing the song of our people! Enjoy our refreshing dance on your tongue, feel the tingle, get lost in the smoothness of our flavor, sing with us amigo and be happy, for it’s almost siesta time!”

Decisions, decisions, decisions…
Delicious and refreshing vs. delicious and refreshing? The Nectar of the Gods vs. The Dancing Queen…So many choices, how can you possibly choose only one? Maybe Amigo, you should grab a second cup, and choose your adventure to drink heaven. 

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