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How Sweet It Is

Puppies are sweet. Cute little girls in frilly dresses—that’s heart-meltingly sweet stuff right there. Now, a 1967 Mustang convertible? That is one sweet ride.

But you want to talk really sweet? Epically sweet? Fasten your seatbelt because major sweetness is heading right for us?

Tres Leches Cake

Picture it: a king-sized bed made of Tres Leches Cake.

Now that is SWEET!

Could you imagine? You’d never leave your room. So soft, so fluffy, so creamy. Floating on layers of sweet, silky perfection. You’d be having sweet dreams for the rest of your life.

Amigo, we’re here to let you know that these are some sweet dreams we can make come true for you.

Okay, well, not exactly. We can’t make that bed for you, but what we can do? Offer you this amazing dessert, any time you want it. Every day, every night. For breakfast, for lunch, for dinner, for dessert. It’s yours, amigo. All yours.

Soft fresh homemade cake comes popping out of our ovens every morning, filling the air with the sexy siren smell of warm vanilla deliciousness that’s almost as good as eating it.

We said almost. Because we don’t stop there. We NEVER stop there. We’ll never stop until we have achieved perfection. Beauty. A work of art that would make Leonardo weep.

Because we take those hot delicious baked-from scratch cakes into our arms like the precious babies they are. And then we slip them oh, so gently into the sweetest of milk baths. One, two, three kinds of milk mingling, creamy, sweet. Gently rocking that cake into extra-velvety creaminess, melt-in-your-mouth lusciousness.

And THEN—that’s right, we told you we never stop—and THEN we top that gorgeous little muchacho with strawberries. Each one hand-washed, hand-cut, placed just-so on top of that cake. Becoming a work of art.

The kind of work of art you can dive into and float on forever. Or eat. We support all your options, amigo.

Lime Pie

But maybe you need a little tang with your sweet. Maybe you need a little zip, a little zing, a little—well, let’s put it this way. Have you ever been suckerpunched in the face by a Luchador wearing a mask, during a Lucha Libre? Felt the sheer power of the hard-hitting, body-slamming, neck-crunching, chair-smashing, masked man? Amigo, it is something to behold.

Lucky for you: we have a ringside ticket with your name on it.

We call it our Fresh Lime Pie, and you’ll call it your new best friend. Take a bite and prepare to be smacked up one side and down the other with this refreshingly tart, smooth and creamy, sweet and incredibly delicious dessert. It’s hand-squeezed Mexican limes. It’s fresh-made graham cracker crust.

And your taste buds will feel like they’ve gone 10 rounds with El Santo, only to come out on the other side fully satisfied and begging for more.

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